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If you feel like your sports performance is not measuring up to your athletic ability, it may be signaling a vision problem. Vision involves much more than your ability to see clearly. It also involves many different visual skills that enable you to use your peripheral vision and focus on a moving target. If you are an athlete and want to get your sports vision checked, call Specs Appeal in St. George, Utah, to schedule an appointment or book online with Reed Gibb, OD, or Chad Waggoner, OD.

Sport Vision Q & A

What is sports vision?

Sports vision involves visual skills that help enhance your athletic performance. Sports activities require speed and accuracy for optimal performance. Reduced visual skills can make it more difficult to complete athletic tasks, such as tracking a ball as it flies through the air or accurately passing a ball to another player. 

Sports vision also involves wearing the proper eyewear for athletic performance. Wearing dress glasses doesn’t protect against eye injury or impact and can decrease visual acuity and performance. Dr. Waggoner or Dr. Gibb can also assess the impact of injuries such as concussions on sports vision.

What are signs that a vision problem is impacting my sports performance?

Signs that a vision problem impacts your performance may be subtle and unnoticeable. But if you’re struggling with your sports performance, here are some signs that your vision may be playing a part:

  • Difficulty catching or throwing
  • Inability to see the ball clearly
  • Struggling to track the ball, or other players
  • Trouble remembering plays
  • Over or underestimating distances
  • No performance improvement even with practice
  • Poor performance even with strong athletic ability

If you are noticing any of these signs, an experienced eye doctor, such as ours at Specs Appeal, can help.

What visual skills are needed for optimal sports performance?

Reduced visual skills can make it difficult to participate in team sports and other activities. The visual skills necessary for optimal performance include:

  • Dynamic visual acuity
  • Eye tracking
  • Eye focusing
  • Peripheral vision
  • Depth perception
  • Visual reaction time
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Visual memory
  • Visualization
  • Visual concentration

Most vision conditions are caused by problems with visual processing, or the way the brain perceives the visual information coming through the eyes. 

Vision therapy, a treatment designed to improve and strengthen visual skills, can help retrain the eye-brain connections to interpret visual input with more accuracy. Each treatment is designed specifically for the patient’s needs and involves various exercises and activities to strengthen the visual skills.

If you’d like to learn more about sports vision treatment, call our office today or book an appointment online. Our experienced eye doctors will be happy to meet with you.