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Specs Appeal

Optometry located in St. George, UT & Mesquite, NV

The on-site optical store at Specs Appeal is fully stocked with the latest designer frame brands and styles. Skilled optometrists Reed Gibb, OD, and Chad Waggoner, OD, provide comprehensive eye exams to determine the prescription strength of your eyeglasses. You can enjoy better vision with stylish designer frames from brands like Ralph Lauren® and Ray-Ban®. Call the Specs Appeal optical store in St. George, Utah, to learn more about the available options in designer frames, or book a consultation online today.

Designer Frames Q & A

What designer frames are available?

Specs Appeal offers an on-site optimal store, so you can order prescription eyeglasses to correct your vision right after your eye exam.

The optical store features a wide range of designer frames for men, women, and children, including frames from popular designer brands like Ralph Lauren and Ray-Ban.

In addition to designer frames for prescription eyeglasses, the optical store offers a selection of designer frames for prescription sunglasses.

What prescription do I need for my designer frames?

Dr. Gibb and Dr. Waggoner provide comprehensive eye exams to determine your prescription strength for designer frames. They evaluate your visual acuity using retinoscopy, a test that can help approximate your eyeglass prescription.

The providers will have you sit in front of a machine with a series of flip lenses. You read from an eye chart as you look through the machine while Dr. Waggoner and Dr. Gibb flip through different lenses.

The providers will ask which lens gives you the clearest vision throughout the test. They can provide you with your eyeglass prescription at the end of the test.

How do I choose designer frames?

The Specs Appeal’s optical store staff can help you make the right choice in designer frames during your visit. You are free to browse the store and try on the frames you like. A variety of frame styles and colors are available to complement your facial features and express your personality.

The staff can take measurements of your face to ensure your frames sit correctly on your nose and ears. They also order your eyeglass or sunglass frames with your prescription lenses during your visit.

The staff will send the information to a lab and contact you for a fitting when your eyeglasses are ready to ensure your frames and lenses are comfortable.

Staff can also adjust your designer frames if your earpieces become loose or if the frames don’t sit properly on your face.

To learn more about the available options for designer frames, call the Specs Appeal office nearest to you today, or book a consultation online.